Date: 2013-08-19 03:14 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]

Once again, I'm completely blown away at how Awesome you are.

And no, you're not the crazy one, though I guess there are still plenty of fools still trying to convince you that you are.

You just may have missed the trope from those Jung-friendly adventurer stories where the villain goes, "You can't kill me--I'm part of you!" and that's supposed to numb the protagonist into inaction.

(Envisions Vader telling Ashley Skywalker, "I am your father!" and having Ashley reply, "Yeah, tell that to someone who cares", followed by a light saber blow to the head)

It gets frustrating, watching people you maybe care about, who ought to know better, giving slack and deference to all the horrible people in their lives, and yet they don't give you, who are good to them, the same courtesy. You're the rock and you either don't get hurt easy or don't show it easy, and so trampling on your needs is OK. But Heaven Forbid we inconvenience Creepy Marvin their brother.

You know what I do with my life, you know I spend a lot of it finding ways to have compassion for people a lot of folks say don't deserve it. It isn't easy, but I do it.

What I don't do is have much respect for who they've become and what they've done.

What I DO do is have a ton of respect for who you've become and what you've done. And you make that very easy indeed.

Goddess I wish there were more like you. I'm blessed to know a few others like you, and I treasure your friendship and the way your example pushes me to do better as well.
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