Jan. 8th, 2015

xenologer: (objection!)
Either everybody lives in "the real world" or nobody does.

Work food service but never done black ops assassination missions? You don't know what life is really like.

Done black ops assassination missions but never worked in politics? You don't actually know how this game is played.

Work in an office but never changed your own tire? Get out and get your hands dirty you wuss!

Changed your own tire but have only worked one job your whole life? Come back when you've lived a little.

Worked fifteen jobs in ten different sectors of the economy but haven't raised a kid? Don't worry. You'll see it all clearly once you have.

Some poser hands you cake at a birthday party? Throw it on the ground! Welcome to the real world, jackass.

Nobody has lived anybody else's "real life" in the "real world." Baby boomers seem constitutionally incapable of learning this. Then again, when they were our age it was possible to work your way through college and then get a job and a house and a car and actually live, even on minimum wage.

I don't want to hear about "the real world" from people who still think success and thriving are as simple as "everybody who wants a minimum wage job will get one and be okay." I don't think they get to serve me that particular meal. Not anymore.

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