Jan. 10th, 2015

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People who object to public breastfeeding are weird. I don't get it. Personally I object to public SCREAMING HUNGRY BABIES. The fact that there are people out there who can make a hungry baby shut all the way up by putting a nipple in the kid's mouth? You are a hero.

I don't like kids. Please feed them wherever you are, because they will certainly scream no matter where they are and we all really do have the option of just not staring at your boobs if it bothers anybody so damn much. Ignoring shrill babywails? Less feasible.

Maybe the next time I hear someone get salty about someone breastfeeding I will pull them aside and get really close to direct my words right to their ear and then I will SHRIEK FOR AN ETERNITY or until they repent their backward ways.
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If one more piece of crap white person asserts to me that their racism is actually an indicator that they care more about POC than POC care about themselves, I don't know what I'm gonna do but it's going to be loud and unpleasant.

Yes, black people care whether they die. Believe it or not, they are capable of loving themselves and others because they are fucking human beings.

Yes, Muslims worldwide care when other Muslims are oppressive and violent to them. Believe it or not, they don't particularly enjoy being terrorized and having their children stolen.

Yes, even subsapient animals can manage these sentiments. So the fact that anybody ANYWHERE might think that only white people know how to love is pretty much a clear goddamn sign that if anybody is deficient at it, IT IS US WHITE FOLKS. You do not get to claim superior compassion as you literally dehumanize entire categories of people BECAUSE they're being victimized and you're sure that if they really cared they'd have done something about it.

sdfgsdfgsdafsdadfsa this is why nobody likes us


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