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Car accidents are so tiresome.

I was stopped in traffic and I heard tires squealing. The guy in front of me, obeying some stroke of preternatural genius, reflexively pulled forward to separate himself from the people behind him--including me. Next thing I know I'm thrown against my steering wheel and my glasses have flown across the dash to fold neatly under the windshield. Good show, glasses. They're fine, by the way.

I was already stopped, so I just switched into park and hit my emergency flashers to get out and see what happened.

The people behind me had lightly tapped me because someone had slammed into them from behind. The pickup in the very back... I don't know what their deal was, but they seemed to understand that this was on them and were both apologetic and willing to act as interpreters for the people in the middle car.

Those poor people didn't speak much English, had a car too fucked up to drive home, and while they had insurance the lady driving didn't have a license. I hope that doesn't mean they're undocumented and are going to get deported because someone hit their car. Because holy shit.

So basically, truck hits car, car hits me. Like the frontmost ball hanging in one of those little executive ballclicker things, despite the negligible damage (seriously, my bumper stickers are fine) I was thrown forward against my steering wheel. I have some little cuts on my left eyebrow and will probably have a heck of a bruise there.

One of the ladies in the middle car pointed at my eyebrow, grinned, and put up her fists, implying that I looked like I'd been in a fight. I laughed, put mine up too, and said, "Yeah, that's me," and it was nice to make light of it.

So yes. I am fine. I am not going to constantly fucking reiterate that I am fine because I'm a little rattled and icing my face and would much rather laugh at the situation than spend a bunch of time reassuring people over it.

The guys were over with Brian gaming, and commented that I do in fact look like I was in a fight. It's right over my eyebrow. They accused me of having invented this accident as a cover story to hide my underground boxing hobby. Sure. That's what we'll go with.

Naproxen and ice.

I just wanted some fuckin' fish cake to go in my ramen. No international grocery for me today. Alas. I'll just sit here icing this nonsense.
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Another run-down of things I'm reading right now. I'm categorizing them again so that "liberal" issues like racism and violence against women are easier for some of you to scroll past.


The Right Reacts to Powell Endorsement. Turns out Powell just saw a black man and said, "Yeah! That'll do!" I mean, I understand that they have to find a way to disqualify the endorsement of one of the most respected Republicans left in this country, but couldn't they have thought of anything better than simply pointing out that they're both black?

What kind of "Election Day unrest" are we talking about? I can't even summarize this one. But it's worth reading.

White Guys and the Prospect of an Obama Presidency "What I predict will change the most about racism under an Obama presidency is that the white guys wearing the Obama buttons will refuse to take racism seriously." Racism happens. Despite fears from some, that's not going to stop. Jessie points out some measures of racial inequality that won't be changed by Obama's election, but will be easier to ignore (not that people don't do just fine ignoring them already).

McCain supporters reveal racism, and while they're much much worse than Obama's supporters, the latter are not exempt either.


Palin: American Taxpayers Aren't Patriotic. Look at Alaska's tax system and tell me she's learned anything useful running it. They don't even pay taxes there, but can run their state on the generosity of oil companies and federal *gasp* earmark dollars.

Higher Ed and the New New Deal. What would happen if public colleges and universities were free?


NY Shelters Will Be Reimbursed For Helping Undocumented Victims of Intimate Partner Violence. I know there are people on my friends list who hate nothing more than they hate the idea of illegal immigrants getting anything from Americans, but some of us are glad of this.

The original article is here. It mentions, "Though there are many economic and psychological reasons women linger with men who beat them, a shadowy immigration status makes it even harder to break away. Five women in the two shelters told me they had feared going to the police, because they worried that that could lead to deportation. Even if they sought to do so, the women said, their companions or husbands would have threatened to betray them to immigration officials."

LAPD allows over 200 rape cases to pass the statute of limitations without testing the rape kits. Fuck you, too, LA. Seriously.


Socialists: Obama no Socialist. Red-baiting is less effective when real socialists can publicly disagree with you, isn't it?

Be careful. First sociopaths kill animals. Bear cub was shot, and its body left with Obama signs stuck over its head.

Republicans heckling voters. Not politicians. Voters. At least they didn't slash their tires, vandalize any voter registration offices, beat any journalists to the ground, or otherwise attack anybody. No one was lynched in effigy, either. So I suppose we should be grateful that they're only yelling.

The Courts. What the USSC will really look like under Pres. McCain, or Pres. Obama.

Irony Alert: GOP Political Consultant Arrested For Voter Registration Fraud.


Do the use of hand gestures slow language learning?

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