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I have feelings, and sometimes those are not actually sensible things to be sharing. I share my feelings when they provide someone useful data as to how to treat me well, either by affirming what's good or clarifying what is not an effective way to coexist with me. As a result I don't really vent at people unless I have some other independent reason to be doing so. If I am venting to you about something you have done, it's because I have concluded that a more detailed map of my emotional terrain would be useful for you.

Most of the time that isn't necessary. A simple explanation ought to be enough! People should just believe me when I articulate the "when you do X it makes me feel Y because I tell myself Z, so I need you to not X," sort of thing. They shouldn't need to see the wounds and have the blood flung in their face.

The known bug of this particular system is that if I can think of a reason not to divulge, I am prone to using it as an excuse, as a way to bolster my resolve to avoid sharing simply because I do not like sharing. The harm of this is limited because an actual tactical reason to share can override that. The harm is still there, though, even if it is mostly just the further ossification of my insides rather than any kind of outward damage to my social network or the people in it.

Still, I do have a journal. I do have a space which is ostensibly designed for me to talk about my internal life, and the only people who read it are the people who have decided for their own reasons that they want to keep an up to date map of my terrain.

So here's what's eating at me.

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I am not currently playing with the vast majority of you, therefore I come bearing mutants and magic and MAD SCIENCE!

Metro City is here for excellently tongue-in-cheek superhero shenanigans for all your modern kitchen-sink supernatural roleplaying needs. We care about having comedy with our drama and diversity among our characters. I know that for me, a lot of boards can get so bogged down in being gritty and dark that the impact is lost because there's no dynamic contrast. If there's a little comedy (or a lot) thrown in, those dramatic notes stand out a lot more and it's easier to appreciate them, in my opinion. I know that I've learned a lot about comedic writing from being on this board.

Part of the comedy around Metro City is that we like to lampshade comic tropes. We actually factor in "trope coverage" to some plot decisions, because if we're going to be a superhero setting well naturally we'll eventually need to have twins who both have complimentary powers (check) and a teen hero team (teen swarm check) and a villain/hero romance (check) and Obligatory Clone Plot and Obligatory Alien Plot (check) and Obligatory Power Loss Plot (we have not done all of these yet but we keep them in mind as options because we respect our heritage).

We're writing in a comic book style setting, which means occasionally that we have to poke fun at our roots a little, just to make it clear that we know when they deserve it. We also try to improve on our roots by having characters of all races, genders, orientations, and ages, which is not something the big comic publishers have historically been terribly great at.

Now here is the Obligatory Ad Posting.

Daring, virtuous heroes.

Despicable, vile villains.

Dark, unknowable renegades.

Which one are YOU?

Three hundred years ago, Metro City was built around an ancient meteor impact site that emitted a strange radiation signature. Only within the last few decades was it discovered that this energy was tied to the emergence of superpowers in the world. Nowadays, heroes, villains, and renegades battle it out for control of the city's fate.

Metro City is eager for new storytellers. Come on down and see what we're about!

Details about the game are found here. Contact an admin here.
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I am so happy right now. One of my characters has become the Mary Sue of another character within the same setting. It's beautiful.

Okay, for context. Metro City now has a character who is a high school student writing Real Person Fic about the city's superheroes. It's just the worst slashfic ever, with the pairings optimized OOC to provide maximum horror and trauma to the characters themselves when they inevitably find this, and my character is the one that this girl has decided is going to be her self-insert Mary Sue, so she is pairing her with the hero she has a teen obsessioncrush on.

Hence: My character is the Mary Sue of another character within the setting.


Also, holy shit does it feel fantastic to not have to be the admin of everything for once. I am trying to learn that I do not have to mastermind everything in order for social situations to work or community building to happen. People can talk to each other without me acting as a coach and interpreter, no matter what they seem to think. I am enjoying my vacation from fixing everything for everybody, and y'know what? They're not relying on me for it any more! How splendid!

Anyway, writing is yay. I am thrilled to be writing with so many people who have things to teach me about comedic writing. I end up sort of being a big fish in a small pond, and while it's nice to be appreciated... I stagnate when I'm the popular kid. With the last board I was writing on, people sort of fell all over me and were amazed that I can write dialogue worth half a damn. Guys, I'm coherent, but I'm not a hero. It's nice to not be expected to be one, because I'm not at the top of the heap anymore.

Thank goodness.

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